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Remember that! Safety operation requirements for small crane

Xinxiang City Lift Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd summarized the safety operation requirements of small crane for everyone, hope we can help the crane driver.
1. Tire pressure should be adequate.
2. When working on soft ground, the ground should be filled in and compacted before operation.The fuselage must be fixed and stable.
3. Avoid to lift heavy load while driving, or lift heavy load without outrigger!
4. When the crane should have short walk when working, the drive should comply with the instruction manual. The weight should less than 0.5m distance from the ground! The weight must be right in front of you! Slowly drive. It is strictly prohibited to travel long distance when lifting the weight.
5. When the lifting arm of a small crane is close to the maximum elevation lifting weight, the weight should be placed on the ground before unloading. Keep the rope tight and put the boom on the bottom, then unhook to prevent the crane from tilting backwards after unloading.
6. During the driving, the lifting arm of a small crane must not be rigidly attached to the towing frame. The trailer must be padded with about 50mm rubber fast, and the hook must not be too tight on the front bumper of the car.Small crane should lift the hook close to the limit position and fix it in place.
7. After starting the engine, the oil pump is combined with the power output shaft to preheat the engine at a waiting speed. The lifting operation can only be carried out with the temperature of the hydraulic oil reaching 30.
8. Turn off the leg switch when the leg is stretched out and flat. If the ground is soft and uneven, the ground should be fixed, with pillows, should check safety and reliability before lifting operation.
9. When lifting heavy weight, the heavy arm shall not be lifted suddenly. Strictly prohibit stretch out and draw back the telescopic boom.
10. When the lift arm full stretch, and using a pair of arms, elevation shall not be less than 50 ℃.
11. When operating a small crane, it shall not exceed the working radius of the rated lifting weight, nor shall it be inclined to lift the crane.And no lifting in front.
12. Generally only allowed for empty hooks and lifting weights within 30% of rated lifting weights. Operation should be slow, do not suddenly step down or relax.Do not place your foot on the free fall pedal except for free fall.
13. The energy accumulator of small crane should maintain the specified pressure, below or above the specified pressure range will not only aggravate the system, and it can cause serious accidents.
14. Prohibition lifting heavy objects to walk.

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