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Main cause of spontaneous combustio

Cause of truck crane spontaneous combustion:
1. Small crane oil with problems, to cause oil leakage and leakage.
2. Wire aging or improper connection, causing short circuit or spark.
3. The high temperature causes the burning of inflammable goods, also is the common reason in summer.
4. Due to the impact or parts failure cause the fire.
Prevention methods as below:
1. Check the circuit and oil circuit frequently: The line will be rubber aging, wire resistance increase and heating phenomenon after three or four years later. Easy to short circuit.
2. Notice of dangerous goods, especially in summer: lighter,air freshener, Cosmetics packaged in vacuum aluminum cans, Perfume, mousse, etc. Those good is easy to expand and explode when heated.
3. Determine in advance:Cranes usually smell burnt before they burn themselves, Or blue or black smoke. People should stop immediately and turn off the power.
4. Equipped with the fire extinguisher.
Solutions as below:
1. Pull over immediately when a fire or black smoke is found in the front of the car during driving. Shut down the engine asap. Because the power off can quickly disconnect the oil pump, reducing gasoline burning.
2. Turn off the power and quickly leave the burning vehicle.
3. Take a fire extinguisher to check the fire immediately after you leave the car. Don't open the front hatch immediately. A small seam should be opened first, Wait for the oxygen to enter for a while, then slowly turn on the fire extinguisher.
4. When extinguishing a fire extinguisher, should be aimed at the fuel tank and the burning part to cool down and put out fire to avoid explosion. Also remember to Call 119 for help.

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