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Solution of hydraulic lift down too fast

Hydraulic lift adopts hydraulic transmission, lifting arms made by high quality rectangular manganese steel, with good quality, high strength, etc. After the elevator rises, arm in scissors, also known as shear fork lifter.Oil cylinder adopt brace, stability is good.Oil cylinder for double metal mesh reinforced explosion-proof oil cylinder, can effectively prevent oil cylinder suddenly burst.Is a kind of vertical load operation of the widely used special equipment. Why the elevator rising smoothly, but fall down quickly? And it will be faster when there is any loading? Can we adjust it? Xinxiang Lift Machinery Co.,Ltd solution for you:1. Hydraulic lift down on its own weight, the lower part of the piston of hydraulic out, its decline gradually.So the oil out of the lower part of the piston speed determines the speed of the decline, usually the bottom of the cylinder by a variety of valve inlet pipe of the way.
2. There is a solenoid valve. Its role is: solenoid valve used to control the throttle valve, throttle valve used to control the liquid in the pipe in and out of the size of the oil.General throttling the fuel is adjusted by a knob on the valve body, like the volume knob knob or tap.So you can by adjusting the throttle valve on the knob to adjust the drop speed.

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