What does the truck crane driver should pay attention to

For a new operator of truck crane driver, it need to acquire some knowledge in the operation. so in order to to better and more correct to crane operation, to avoid some error, resulting in unnecessary trouble, bring damage to the crane.Under that, we will focus on this aspect. The details are as follows:
1. Preparation before homework
1.) The drivers should wear protective equipment, as well as some safety precautions, to ensure their safety.
2.) Check the landing platform, handrail, pedals and protective railings of cranes. It is reliable and reliable.
3. ) Some security facilities of the crane will also be inspected, whether intact or not, whether it can function normally.
2. Check before driving
1.) Whether the various parts and devices can work normally, the safety device is sensitive and reliable.
2.)Crane brake, hook and wire rope, whether normal, need to be replaced。
3.) The controller is in zero position and the power switch is in the correct position.
3. Test
1.) Check if there are any people or obstacles in the operating area of the crane.
2.) Whether the lighting equipment is intact, the lifting hook action is normal, and the test is carried out. If there is any problem, it cannot be used and should be solved in time.
3.) Whether the brake can function normally, the transmission mechanism can work normally.
4.) Check the driving condition, whether normal, if abnormal should be handled timely.
5.) Before hoisting, the test hoisting can be carried out without the problem. Otherwise, it cannot be operated.

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