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How To Replace The Truck Crane Hydraulic Oil?

By identifying the viscosity of truck crane hydraulic oil to judge whether replace hydraulic oil or not.
1. The hydraulic oil in the vessel is inverted: Take out the hydraulic oil from the tank and put it in two transparent glass bottles of the same size with standard hydraulic oil respectively.The two bottles and emissions, the horse, if measured in the hydraulic oil in the bottle of bubbles than the standard oil bubble rising fast in the bottle that hydraulic oil viscosity is lower than standard hydraulic oil viscosity;On the contrary, the viscosity is higher.If the rate of rise of the hydraulic oil and gas bubbles in two bottles is close, the viscosity is similar and no dilution is required.
2. Glass slant method: the glass. Drop a drop of the standard hydraulic oil on the side. Tilt the glass plate and observe the flow rate and distance. If the measured flow velocity and distance of the hydraulic oil are greater than that of the standard hydraulic oil, the viscosity is higher than that of the standard oil droplet, and vice versa.Note: in general small crane work 2000 hours or need to replace the hydraulic oil around two to three years, the theoretical standard oil change is whether the oil viscosity and degree of aging such as clean, and so on, is according to the working condition of combined experience in practical everyday to confirm.
Correct procedures for replacing hydraulic oil.
1. First of all, put off the hydraulic oil in the hydraulic mailbox, clean the tank and add new hydraulic oil.
2. Remove the circuit main pipe and start the engine to idle to make the oil pump work.
3. Each mechanism is operated separately and the old oil in the loop is discharged one by one by using hydraulic oil until there is new oil flowing out of the return oil main.
4. Finally, connect the return oil main pipe to the tank, and add new hydraulic oil to the tank to the specified position. Explanation: although it is a bit slow to change the oil this way, it still needs to be decided according to the specific model and situation, but the maximum time between half a day and one day is enough.

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