Types of mobile crane trucks

There are many types of
MOBILE CRANE TRUCKS, and their classification methods are different. Mainly as below´╝Ü

Classify By Weight: Light mobile crane trucks (loading capacity less than 5 tons), Medium-sized mobile crane trucks (loading capacity from 5-15 tons), Heavy truck cranes (loading capacity from 5-50 tons), super heavy truck cranes (loading capacity from the weight of 50 tons or more). Due to the use of requirements, the loading capacity of mobile crane trucks has increased the trend in recent years.

Classify By Type Of Leg Points: Frog-type legs, x-type legs, h-type legs. Frog-type legs are only available for Light mobile crane trucks. x-type legs prone to slip, and rarely use. h-type legs can achieve a larger span, the stability of the machine has obvious advantages, So most hydraulic truck crane in China use h-type legs.

Classify by the transmission of the transmission device: Mechanical transmission, electric drive, hydraulic transmission.

According to the rotated range of the lifting device in the horizontal plane: Full rotary truck crane (turntable can be rotated 360 °), Non-full-turn truck crane (turntable rotation angle less than 270 °).

According to the structure of the boom: folding boom, telescopic boom and truss boom type truck crane.

We mainly produce Light mobile crane trucks and Medium-size mobile crane trucks, with loading capacity 4 ton to 12 tons.
H-type legs, Hydraulic Drive, Full rotary truck crane (turntable can be rotated 360 °), telescopic boom truck crane.
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